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doubleoxers asked: “One of the horses I ride is an 18.1hh Hanoverian, he weighs about 1,800 pounds - his hooves are the size of dinner plates. He stepped on my foot after I came off in January, and now, six months later, I still have a pinched nerve and a bruise on the top of my foot. Seriously. Thanks, giant pony.”

OMG! That’s a HEE-UGE horse. No wonder you’ve got a pinched nerve. That seriously sucks though :(

letaprohaveago asked: “I love this blog so muchhhh!:))))”

awww thank you <3 :)

Anonymous asked: “I'm the horse groomer for a local carriage company where all of the horses are around 18hh or more. Since I bathe them, and they are bathed very regularly, brushing away the dust isn't really a problem- but I still need a stool in order to trim manes or rinse out forelocks (because apparently a gentle spray arced so that water falls onto them is so much worse than heavy rain....). I'm 5'4". Did I mention clipping them while they stomp off flies is kind of anxiety provoking?”

omg. That would actually be terrifying. I can only imagine how large their hooves are (since my 17.1 horse already has monster feet).

You have a sweet job! I would love to groom horses for a carriage company.

Anonymous asked: “I helped my farrier with his mammoth mules and Belgian drafts a few summers ago, and eventually we just sat on them bareback to groom the necks and backs of the 18.2+ hh horses. I'm 6 feet tall and it was definitely a chore! :)”

HOLY CRAP those are some heeeeee-uge horses. THey must be like mountains! Haha that’s a good idea though to sit on them to groom. I always notice a little dust spot right in the middle of my horses back (by his butt, where I can never reach from the ground) when I ride :P

After 17.1, 15.3 feels so tiny.

After 17.1, 15.3 feels so tiny.